Food and Beverages

As conveying chain and components come into direct contact with food during processing, they strongly contribute to plant process hygiene. Easy-to-clean conveying chain, based on sound hygienic design, contributes to better food safety while at the same time reducing costs through more effective cleaning. Further the reliability and robustness of the chain strongly contribute to the up time of the processing line.

In beverages industries, Rexnord products cover a wide variety of applications like: general conveying of glass bottles one-way and return, PET bottles and other plastic containers, jars, cans 2- and 3-piece, crates, plastic containers, boxes, shrink-wrapped packages.

Product Handling

In order to make efficiency in product handling, we offers flexibility of line configurations and total system cost efficiencies can significantly improve productivity in product handling conveyor. At the same time, brand extensions, innovative packaging, and light weight packaging materials are driving more demanding performance in pack and case handling.


Pasteurizer is a one of the complicated process in food and beverages industries. A successful processing in tunnel pasteurizers, warmers and coolers requires highly reliable, controlled conveying through the tunnel pasteurizer, and smooth container transfers at the infeed and outfeed.

Automotive Industries

From the mechanical press to the final inspection conveyors, Rexnord has developed low maintenance modular chain solutions for your applications. By assessing your individual needs and objectives, Rexnord’s skilled engineers will help you obtain the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), resulting in significant cost savings by improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity.

 Gravity Roller Conveyor

As a trustworthy business partner, UNIROLL has proved to give a solid, reliable, persistence roller chain that could help our customer to find a solution of their problems. Our products cover all handling applications such as: distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing.